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Flash and AS3 Learning

2011-10-11 15:53:04 by macjsus

So I going to get back into Flash and learn some coding. Currently I am watch Doug Winnie's series on Adobe TV Actionscript1:1 . And recently on my school's server in the Flash courses folder I found two PDF's "Flash CS5 The Missing Manual", and "The Actionscript 3.0 Bible", so I can definitely start diggin into flash and star making some animations, maybe even a game or two.

Sonic vs Shadow

2010-11-06 14:31:48 by macjsus

This is just flash practice, I do plan on doing some real animations that are drawn. Why should I waste time drawing everything just to practice cinematography and motion and action sequencing. Just like drawing, if you know how to draw accurate proportions but need to work on rendering, waste time drawing, when you can borrow line art to just work on rendering skills.

It has been almost 4 years since I used flash so I am still learning AS3 and getting used to these UNNECESSARY new tweens in CS5.


2010-09-27 16:34:15 by macjsus

Check out my work on DA, cuz I am too lazy to re-post it all on newgrounds. However my digital work I will post on NG. So look out for it.

Music: I have been playing around in Garageband with some stuff so when I get around to it I will have some music up.

In other news I haven't done anything in flash since 2007 and I got rid of those, they did well but I want to do something new. Hope to post something by the end of this year.

Well see you soon.