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I know people like this.... lol

THis is real. Imagine...
Bunch of people screaming monstrously. "HALO, BRAWL, COD, TEKKEN, STREET FIGHTER, WOW, STARCRAFT. " and then some kid walks up behind them and says "POKEMON" and then explodes. LOL


That really good for someone that is new to flash. The audio could have been a little better, but over all that was pretty good!

Pretty Good

Don't let the backgrounds edges show, and some of the animations were cut short, like when sonic went into the air, he went half way up the screen but mario went all the way up. Just little things like that can really make a difference. Nice try and just remember to take things slowly, don't just make something real quick and upload to newgrounds, even shorts have to done with reasonable time and skill. Don't assume that because your movie is short that is can be made in a short time. Finally, because it is short you have to \focus more on te quality of the animation.

Pattiasina24 responds:

I understand, but this is a failed animation and I know what you're saying, on rushing, but I hadn't really rushed, and I actually took a great deal of time on this.

There are quite a few mistakes, but those I didn't really notice, and I'm glad you pointed them out. Thanks. :D

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Action script version

Most importantly you need a pre loader you can download a newgrounds preloader if you dont have one.
I think you should specify that this is AS2 and not AS3 because with AS3 you cannot apply actions directly to a symbols.

The tutorial I think could use more detail about making movie clips with animated characters like walking cycles and then explain how to swap movie clips with code like changing the idle standing pose to a movie clip with the walking cycle when hitting the arrow keys, then changing that to a jumping pose when in the air.

Overall I think it needs more planning tutorials are not easy to make and like any artist that storyboards for a game or animation you need to create a lesson plan and go into more detail, perhaps create separate tutorials for Platform and 2 player. Again specification for new flash users what action script version you are using becuz new flash are probably using Flash CS3 and up and will have problems using AS2 on movie clips.


I like how the characters movements are like megaman's (ei his jump sprites, and his wall sliding sprites)! Really nice, there is the suggestion of a sequel at the end, I would like to see the ability to mix colors in the sequel!


This like a combo of Megaman and Viewtiful Joe

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Real Nice!

Dis is some cold tracks right here!

Nice Work


flashmac responds:



Dis song is cold!

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I love it.

Are you using the colors of megamn ZX Prometheus? Look awesome.


What did you draw this in? Looks like Flash, but could be Illustrator.

Sashura responds:


Nice job

I like how each fighting stance resembles their animal.

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