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Action script version

Most importantly you need a pre loader you can download a newgrounds preloader if you dont have one.
I think you should specify that this is AS2 and not AS3 because with AS3 you cannot apply actions directly to a symbols.

The tutorial I think could use more detail about making movie clips with animated characters like walking cycles and then explain how to swap movie clips with code like changing the idle standing pose to a movie clip with the walking cycle when hitting the arrow keys, then changing that to a jumping pose when in the air.

Overall I think it needs more planning tutorials are not easy to make and like any artist that storyboards for a game or animation you need to create a lesson plan and go into more detail, perhaps create separate tutorials for Platform and 2 player. Again specification for new flash users what action script version you are using becuz new flash are probably using Flash CS3 and up and will have problems using AS2 on movie clips.


I like how the characters movements are like megaman's (ei his jump sprites, and his wall sliding sprites)! Really nice, there is the suggestion of a sequel at the end, I would like to see the ability to mix colors in the sequel!


This like a combo of Megaman and Viewtiful Joe

Nice, very hard...

Hand hurts however I beat the finally beat horseman, the final boss was hard, I keep getting hit by da bombs.
Nice game, nice graphics, and artistic style, music variation was nice, and I found no bugs.

YAY! I destroyed the earth...

but at what cost? Seriously this game is challenging, fun, and addictive. Nice graphics, dialogue was hilarious, music was cool, and their were glitches or bug I found.

Gas prices LOL

Nice 8 bit style graphics, great programming, nice 8 bit style music, and i likd the way the music changed withy each part of town. Reminds me of grand theft auto a little.

Ehh it is okay...

The game is way harder than the EpI hat that undead Goku, the Spirit bomb is so cheap. Anyway, despite the fact that there isn't save function like in the 2nd version, it is alright. Nice graphic quality no serious programming glitches, and I like the use of the brawl music. However, I not sure I like the idea of pokémon being in there, but that is just me.


I finally beat the Tank, That thing had so many weapons, had to use Ion twice!
Overall excellent game no severe glitches so great programming, nice artwork, love the music, and i think heard some SSB sound fx (when selecting an item).
Great now im going to go play the first one! XD

This game is...

surprisingly addictive, and fun!

Real Nice

This game very well designed, graet music, nice graphics, and all together well planned out and effective programming.

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