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I know people like this.... lol

THis is real. Imagine...
Bunch of people screaming monstrously. "HALO, BRAWL, COD, TEKKEN, STREET FIGHTER, WOW, STARCRAFT. " and then some kid walks up behind them and says "POKEMON" and then explodes. LOL


That really good for someone that is new to flash. The audio could have been a little better, but over all that was pretty good!

Pretty Good

Don't let the backgrounds edges show, and some of the animations were cut short, like when sonic went into the air, he went half way up the screen but mario went all the way up. Just little things like that can really make a difference. Nice try and just remember to take things slowly, don't just make something real quick and upload to newgrounds, even shorts have to done with reasonable time and skill. Don't assume that because your movie is short that is can be made in a short time. Finally, because it is short you have to \focus more on te quality of the animation.

Pattiasina24 responds:

I understand, but this is a failed animation and I know what you're saying, on rushing, but I hadn't really rushed, and I actually took a great deal of time on this.

There are quite a few mistakes, but those I didn't really notice, and I'm glad you pointed them out. Thanks. :D


This series reminds me of spongebob for some reason!

Good as Expected..

Everything looks great the art work, programming is smooth, the music pretty cool! One thing though, I don't if it was just me but I think everything was a little TOO RED, overall it was good though!

Speed LOL!

Great vid, I like the reference to the movie Speed. The bus could stop past 50 mph, thats y it exploded at the end, Hilarious. But really though it was pretty sad, clever story of triumph and failure. Nice styled artwork simple, yet stylish, good work with the animation. Music and audio were clear too. Excellent!

Very Different!

This a very unique original style. The drawing very obscure and goof yet artistic, and the music was all acapella (even thought style was instrumental). Nice graphic quality, and nice beat boxing with the audio.

Real nice..

Great artwork and smooth animation. Nice on the audio as well!

Some fixes...

-The background is a little slow, it maybe because of the motion blur, DO NOT use blur filters in flash on moving backgrounds, it drives the lag way up, add the blur in something like photoshop, fireworks, paintshop pro, graphics gale, paint.net or something. Also these programs can useful in sprite edits.

-Also try to find multi layered backgrounds, and movie them at different speeds (the bottom layer moves the slowest, the top moves the fastest), that will create the simulation of moving in space.

-In most side scroll games that is how it works, the background typically has 3 or more layers, and the closest layer (ground) moves the fastest, the bottom layer, (faded trees or something far in the distance), just barely moves. And only apply a SLIGHT blur to close fast moving objects like the ground.

-Think about in real life when your in a car, and your looking out the window, the sun and sky are just barely moving because so far away, but trees and building that are big you pass a little faster, then thing at eye level parked cars, mail boxes, and smaller objects that are closer to you move very quick at a blur.

-Just some things to think of other than that, it was pretty good, audio wise and everything. Remember use plenty of movie clips, with sprites do not to frame by frame animation, and DO NOT work on the main timeline, do everything in side multiple movie clips, and put them on the timeline, and use multiple scenes, DONT cram everything into one scene.

-I ll be expecting better next time! ;)

Great Job!

Nice animation, I know I wasn't all done in flash, thought for the 3D It looks like you used Swift 3D, Photoshop/Illustrator was probably used for the great artwork and it looks like after effects has been used for that cinematic realism. And yes will support you on aniboom!

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